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Film Appearing in Film

Since the beginning of cinema history, directors and screenwriters have been putting other films into their own films, in many purposeful ways and with powerful results.

While a film might appear on a television set in the corner of a room and the film’s characters fail to take notice of it, most are being looked at by the director’s camera and, ultimately, by us, the audience. They generally have a great deal to tell us about a scene, the characters in that scene, or the entire film.

Lewis Matheney’s “Filmserts: Film Appearing in Film” is devoted to the fun and fascinating phenomenon that been around as far back as Buster Keaton.

Look for the book “Filmserts: Film Appearing in Film” coming soon to a bookstore near you and here at filmserts.com, and visit myspace.com/filmserts and youtube.com/filmserts to view filmserts.

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